Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Basic Impetus Macedonians

I finished my unit of Thessalian medium cavalry and my remaining unit of Phalangites tonight. Here is the army so far.

The bases aren't done yet, I'll do them all at once when I'm finished the remaining pieces. The 2 bases of Phalangites, the Hypaspists and the soon to be started Companion cavalry are all Foundry. Everything else including the General pieces are A&A. I can't say I really like the A&A cavalry, they're clearly not as good as the Foundry stuff. And the Foundry pikes rock. Oh, and they're stupidly sharp as my hand has found out multiple times. The bases of pike are lethal if thrown.

Now up on my table is the Companion heavy cavalry, mounted and foot general pieces and a group of 6 more Norman infantry. Hopefully I can get the Normans done in time for my next campaign game with Dave on February 2nd. With a little luck I could be having some Scottish beef for dinner!


  1. Looking good!

    Quick question about basing. Is that the basing board for the game, so you will just be flocking it, or is it a mounting board just for painting?

  2. They look great!

    So, are they man enough to take on early Romans or some hairy Celt/German barbies? In fairness, I find the Macs a bit of a tricky army to handle well since the composition is so varied- it is both an asset and a liability.

  3. The basing is for the units, they just need to be flocked. Impetus works on bases not on figures. You could have 1 figure on a base to represent the unit but it would look...weird. I'm using 4 minis for skirmish units, 3 minis for cavalry, 6 minis for light infantry/missile units and 8 minis for heavy infantry. For any chariots or elephants I do, I'll go with a lone mini per base.

  4. Thanks Dave! I found in Bob's tourney they were a little akward to use. Whenever I hear the Carthaginian army mentioned for DBA and how finicky it is, I think of these Macs. One of this, one of that, hard to come up with a solid line.