Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick Update

Been a couple weeks, since I've posted. Presently I'm painting my remaining group of 7 Ushabti. After this I'm going to take a break from painting Tomb Kings and switch back to my ancients. I've got a pile of units left: 4 units of Phalangites, 2 units of Hoplites, 4 units of Galatians, an elephant, a scythed chariot and I think enough extra minis left to do another base of Hypaspists. So in other words a lot. After the Ushabti I'm going to do a couple units of Phalangites to start.

This weekend, Dave's going to be in the neighbourhood so we're going to get in a 300 point Impetus battle between my Normans and his Saxons. Should be interesting as both of our armies have Poor command structure. Two commanders or three commanders, I wonder what I should take.