Friday, January 28, 2011


January has gotten off to a slow start. Last night I finished a group of 9 Pink Horrors.
These are the new plastic ones. I really enjoyed painting these up and I think they painted up a lot easier than the old style metal ones I already have. Not sure how well they're going to rank up as I know my new plastic Bloodletters don't rank up worth a crap. This was from a box set so you'll notice that the unit champion model is missing. I'm going to use him as a Herald of Tzeentch and I've acquired a Disc of Tzeentch to mount him on.

Next up is a Greater Daemon of Nurgle and my homemade Blue Scribes base.


  1. Scott,

    Ya, what's up with the not-ranking thing? I have the same problem with Skinks. They don't rank worth a damn.

  2. On my Bloodletters, the arms and torsos do not have flat surfaces where they meet thereby allwing the arms to rotate up or down. The arms can only sit in one position and that position isn't good.