Sunday, April 10, 2011

WFB 3K Battle

Yesterday I had my friend Chris over for a 3000 point game of Warhamster vs. his grey & black Warriors of Chaos army. We played the Blood and Glory scenario. Six turns and 6 hours later we ended in a draw. Both armies bloodied but still half the units were still on the field.

This was the first time I've run into Horde units. Chris had a horde of Marauders with flails and a horde of Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Khorne (giving them Frenzy). I was able to whittle down the Warriors before they got into melee but not the Marauders and they swept the Bloodletters they were facing into oblivion. My magic was rather lacklustre which was rather disappointing. Chris as his general had taken Archaon. This lord is rather painful to deal with and I think the only reliable way to beat him is with combat resolution.

I have a few complaints about the rules and I'll go into them below. If anyone has the answer to these or if I'm missed something in the rules, by all means let me know!

1. This first point in my opinion is fracking stupid. We had part of the battlefield split by two clumps of woods. Chris had his horde unit of Marauders going through one of them. I had him move through the woods at half speed. It wasn't till he was almost through that we saw in the rules that there's nothing stating a fully formed unit of infantry moves slower going through woods. Essentially it might as well be open terrain. This is utterly ridiculous.

2. Again on the woods and I think this really points out how 8th edition is tailored for shooting armies. If you're shooting at someone in the woods, regardless of how deep the woods are, as long as you can see the unit, you only get a simple -1 soft cover penalty. You could be shooting through 24" of woods and still as long as you can actually see the miniatures you can shoot them with that simple -1 penalty. And furthermore if you're a unit sitting in the woods you don't get any penalty shooting out of the woods regardless the size of the woods. W. T. F.???? That's cuckoo for coco-puffs.

3. The terrain in general. Enough with the f'ed up forests, rivers and swamps. How about terrain that doesn't do stuff but instead just sits there and acts like terrain.

There I'm done ranting.


  1. Hmm. All true. However you don't have to roll on the terrain tables- you can just use whatever you have without rolling any dice. The tables are "alternatively". So you could decide to roll for terrain but have it be "normal" on a 1-5 and on 6 take a BRB roll.

  2. Good point. I'll have to try that next time.