Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last of the US Armour

Today I finished up the last of my US sci-fi armour. These are a group of 4 medium tanks and are from Ground Zero Games.
I also finished 4 heavy weapon bases. Also from Ground Zero Games.
That finishes it for the vehicles for my US faction. I have 2 batches of infantry remaining. Next up will be one of the groups a couple starships and maybe some terrain.


  1. I like the tanks--did you use a drybrush to get the tonal difference on the tank?

  2. Thanks for noticing the difference Bob! I thought my pics were crap and didn't reflect the paint job very well. Here's what I did:
    1. Vallejo Luftwaffe Cam. Green
    2. GW Orc Flesh Wash
    3. drybrush Vallejo USA Uniform
    4. drybrush Vallejo Flat Earth
    5. paint raised surfaces with mix of Vallejo USA Uniform and Luftwaffe Cam. Green
    6. paint raised surfaces with just a bit of Vallejo USA Uniform

    Kind of involved but they look pretty good.