Sunday, January 29, 2012

War Rocket & CCN

Yesterday I finished the first batch of my War Rocket Imperial faction. These are Class 1 War Rockets and are made by Hydra Miniatures.

Also last night I had Chris over and we played half a dozen games of the new Commands and Colors Napoleonics expansion: the Spanish Army:

It was not a good night for the French as they only won 2 of the 6 games. The Spanish are like the Portuguese (which are crappy), except they're worse. Everything retreats at least 2 hexes instead of 1 and they're units are awful when it comes to moving and fighting. The only upside to them is they have a mechanic called Guerilla Action. It allows them to completely cancel a card played by the French and end their turn. Pretty powerful but the only way to gain them is to play Scout cards. The components of the game are the usual high quality GMT components.

Next on my paint table are the Imperial Class 2 and 3 War Rockets.


  1. Scott, the War Rockets are super cool! Love that retro look. When are we going to try out the rules?

  2. I need to finish my Imperial fleet (sometime this week hopefully), then do the Galacteer fleet and I should be good to go. So soon hopefully.