Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First of the Hittites

Yesterday I finished the first of the 15mm Hittites to combat my NK Egyptians. Figures are all Old Glory 15s. First up is 4 units of light infantry (FL) Hittite spearmen.
Next is 4 units of Anatolian Vassal skirmishers.
It'll probably be a while till I post again as the next batch of figs is substantial, I believe it's 11 bases worth of heavy infantry and missile troops. I've also got 2 units of Warrior Monks for my Samurai army waiting for paint sticks to be freed up.


  1. Very nice paintjob, and great basing too!

  2. The look so much smaller than 15mm, what a trick of perspective! They are great figures though and really nice looking units. Don't wait too long to post again, give us progress updates :D

  3. Nice job. Are the shadows on the face a wash or just the way the light hits them (or maybe you are layering in 15mm???)?

  4. I use the Army Painter dip and I brush it on so I try and avoid getting too much on each fig. It's probably my crappy lighting. A photographer I am not!