Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eldritch Horror & Forbidden Desert

Last night I went over to a friends place and got in a few new game plays. First up is the new Fantasy Flight game Eldritch Horror.  If you like Arkham Horror then you'll feel right at home playing Eldritch Horror.  But this time instead of trying to save the creepy little New England town of Arkham, you're trying to save the world. Players travel all over the world solving various tasks to collect clues, close gates and wipe out monsters.  As it was our first time playing it we didn't do so good and the world was consumed by Azathoth. Erg.

Probably the thing I found the most different from Arkham Horror is the way the rules are set up. There's a rules booklet and there's also a reference guide which basically further breaks down and explains the rules in more detail. Kind of odd why they went that route.

I'm expecting FFG to start cranking out expansions for this game quickly.  For Arkham there's both small and large box expansions. The large box expansions (with the exception of Miskatonic Horror) added a whole new board and a pile of new cards. I can see expansions for Eldritch Horror following the small box route as there is only one world so it wouldn't need new boards. I can see FFG following the Mansions of Madness expansion route where each little pack would have a new Elder God with it's corresponding cards and a few extra cards such as gear thrown in.

We also got in a few games of Forbidden Desert. This game is a cooperative game where players race to find parts for an airship so they can get out of the desert before they die of thirst. This game is very similar to Forbidden Island and also bears a lot of similarity to Pandemic.  We got in two games in a little over an hour.

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