Friday, January 12, 2018

Frostgrave Cultists

Recently I finished up the boxed set of 25 Frostgrave cultists. Figures are from Northstar Figures and are plastic. I went for a more unified paint scheme as compared to the box pictures as I think a more unified appearance just looks more cult-like.


  1. These are very nice. The Northstar stuff is lovely.

  2. These look great! They sure give you a lot in a box - considering you need only 10 for a warband! I guess they got to give you enough to cover all the options... You're well on your way to a Dragon Rampant army there!

    1. The box only comes with 20 (not that it isn't enough cultists!), but I got it in the Nickstarter and they threw in another sprue of 5.

  3. They look great, Scott. I think the colour scheme really works. Congrats on finishing such a big project.