Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Counterblast Assortment

Finished up some more Counterblast figs. All the figs are from Bombshell Miniatures. First up from the Edofleini faction (Edo for short) is an Edo Undermind.

The next pic (from left to right) is an Underling, a character named Destroys Nulls and a pair of Edokin Eyespies.

Next from the Mekkus faction is a Cyren.

From the Galactic Defense Force (GDF) faction (from left to right) is a GDF Psifer (psychic), a character named Sally Starfield and a GDF Commander.

Also from the GDF is this Heavy Combot.

And finally I've done up some more robots. First up is a pair of HOpR Bots.

And finally is a pair of HLpR Bots and a half dozen MInE Bots. Commander for scale.
Til next time.

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