Thursday, January 2, 2020

Year in Review

Happy New Year all, I hope everyone's holidays were decent.  As the Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge is in full swing, I expect my post count for the next few months to be more frequent.

I don't have any figs to start this post off with, so I'll just jump right into my review of the year. Let's review what I did this year compared to what I wanted to actually get done.
1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army - this didn't get done but I only have 3 vehicles/guns left and they're on my paint table right now.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - complete this army - this didn't get done at all. Still have a bunch of figures and vehicles to be completed.
3. Frostgrave - finish all the figures I have - finished most of it but I still have a handful of Gnolls to paint up.
4. 54mm War of 1812 - complete all the units I have left - didn't touch any of this. I don't have much left but I just didn't get to it. I think I only have 1 gun and crew and some casualty figures left.
5. 28mm Samurai - complete the first army and do at least half of the second army - I'm pretty much done the first army and I think I've started on the second one. Needless to say this project barely got moved along.
6. 28mm Carthaginians - complete this army - did almost nothing with this project. I think the only thing I wanted to do with this project is get a couple elephants.
7. Star Wars Legion - complete the core box set - didn't really start the core box besides Vader and Luke. I did paint up a couple other boxes though.
8. Terrain - complete all of my unbuilt/unpainted terrain - this didn't get done although I did get a pile of buildings done for my MayDay game.

Hmm, what did I get done last year? I did get a number of fantasy monsters done for whenever I get around to playing Warlords of Erewhon. So here are my goals for this year:

1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army - shouldn't be a problem as I only have 3 things left to do.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - complete this army - this shouldn't be a problem as I really don't have that much left to do.
3. 54mm War of 1812 - complete all the figures I have left over - this really, really should be easy to do as I've got almost nothing left.
4. 28mm French & Indian War - complete the boxes and figures I have left and try to get a game to the table sometime this year.
5. 28mm Samurai - do at least 4 bases of Samurai/Ashigaru. I'm not going to set myself a huge goal of trying to get the army done as I know that won't happen.
6. Star Wars Legion - get all my figs painted. I do have them all primed and ready to go and I'm hoping to get a fair number of them painted during the paint challenge.
7. 15mm Sci-fi - I need to get these done and to the table otherwise I might as well get rid of them. I am painting some right now for the paint challenge so I'm hoping this motivated me.
8. Counterblast - complete all the figs I currently have and get a few games to the table. As this game only requires a few figs per side this should be an easy goal. All the figs I do have left are primed and ready to go.

It's not really a goal but I am going to be painting a Soviet early war army for a friend for Chain of Command here in the short term so that may cause some things to be pushed further down the queue.

Oof, this does sound like a lot but it really isn't that bad. The key is just to stay motivated and I had a problem with that (and usually do) about halfway through the year. We'll see what happens this year.

Well, here's to the new year and good gaming!

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  1. Scott, seems you've accomplished much more than I! Also you forgot to speak of all the boardgame nights we've had! Looking forward to them in 2020!