Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tomb Kings First Run

Last night I had my friend Chris over for a 3000 point battle between his Warriors of Chaos army and my Tomb King army. We played the Battle for the Pass scenario which unfortunately is not conducive to chariot movement. Here is the initial setup.
I conceded after turn 5 as I had very little left compared to Chris' little more left. The most noteworthy thing about the whole battle was in the 10 magic phases (5 me, 5 Chris) we rolled 6 or less for the winds of magic every time except once (in which a 7 was rolled). The Winds of Magic must have Raptured itself away. Due to the complete lack of magic I was not able to get off very many spells which did hamper my army I think. Other noteworthy things was Chris' flubbing a leadership 8 roll and two rerolls for it thereby causing his Chosen to turn and run. On the whole all of our dice all evening were very poor for both of us.

Some comments on the new TK army after 1 play:
1. Casket of Souls is mandatory in every TK army. If you don't take it, you're an idiot.
2. Take a Hierotitan, the extra +d3 to friendly casters within 12" is very nice.
3. "My Will be Done" is very nice and made my skellingtons last vs. his Chaos Warriors.
4. Know how many dice to roll when your chariots hit, unlike what I did.
5. Skellie horde is the way to go.
6. Tomb Guard are your best infantry.
7. Ushabti with bows are nasty vs. high toughness targets.

I need to get some buildings as I basically have to reroll any building when I roll for terrain as I don't have any buildings. I'm thinking of making cardstock buildings using templates for Worldworks Games. We'll see.

Still on my paint table is some 15mm sci-fi infantry and some Daemon characters. I have to get my ass in gear and pick up my pace as my present rate is pathetic.