Thursday, May 13, 2010

Phalangites and Cav

Finally got done the two units I was working on. I completed a unit of Antigonid Phalangites and some Thracian medium cavalry.

The phalangites are from 1st Corps and the Thracians are from Crusader. Nice minis all around. Next up is a couple units of Thorakitai.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Arkham Horror

Had some friends over last night and we played a couple games of Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror. Here's a pic of the setup at the start of the second game.

The first game we ended up not being able to stop the Ancient One from awakening and had to battle it. It was simply too powerful for us and it won. The second game was a train wreck as we had abhorrent dice, faced powerful monsters and just had terrible luck in general all game. We gave up about 2/3 the way through as we knew we had no chance. Better luck next time. It's a pretty tough game to beat. We're all rather determined to beat the thing now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mayday 2010

Today was Mayday 2010. Played a few games and had a good time. Here's some pics of the games I was in. First up was a sci-fi version of Ambush Alley.

Next up was a game of a battle of the Franco-Prussian War using DBHx. I was on the French side and it didn't go so well for our side as the Prussians got a pretty solid victory.

Whoa! Great Cthulhu makes an appearance!

This is a pic of the Godling miniature for the Strange Aeons game. Nice mini and nice paint job.

Lastly was the battle of Saratoga - Freeman's Farm for the AWI. Here's the battle just getting under way with the valiant redcoats coming in from the foreground and the rebel scum entering from the top (gee, which side was I on).

And here's a shot of the board after the game has ended.

The Americans won by the arrival of darkness due to some insane rolling on the part of the Americans. If the game would have went a little longer I think the British could have pulled it off as the American right flank was crumbling under the sheer weight of British troops.