Sunday, December 16, 2018

French, Buildings & T'Zolkin

Been far too long since I've posted anything up. I haven't died, just been doing some non-painting things. A fair bit of my time has been getting figures assembled and primed for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starting in five days. I have got a few things painted as shown below. First up is a box of Warlord Games French Compagnie de la Marine for the French & Indian War. These figures are all metal.

Nice figs overall. The only fig I don't like is the guy lying down. I get why it's a realistic pose but it's an annoying pose, especially since he's the only guy lying down!

Next up is a group of eleven MDF European buildings from Sarissa Precision. I've had these assembled for a long time and I finally got around to painting them.

My favourite building of the lot is the Chateau:

I used my airbrush to do the main painting and it worked out great. I was concerned how the fire damaged buildings would turn out, but they turned out pretty good. I still have one building left over and if I remember I'll post it up once it's complete.

And finally I decided to paint up the cogs for my copy of T'Zolkin. I ordered some plastic centre of cog pieces from Shapeways to replace the stickers that came with the game. Turned out pretty good.
Over the next three months I'll probably have quite a few posts as the paint challenge progresses.