Tuesday, December 27, 2016

French Vehicles

Been a long time since I've posted. It's been a combination of a ridiculous project at work, playing Mechwarrior Online and just not feeling like painting. I'm going to start to get back to my painting as these figures aren't going to get painted just sitting there.

The following three figures have been on my paint table for months and I finally finished them yesterday. All three are French early war vehicles from Warlord Games and are resin with some metal bits. First up is a Panhard 178 armoured car. This might be my favourite French vehicle, I just like how it looks.

Next is an R40 tank

The lastly is a Lorraine 38L armoured carrier

Next up on my paint table is a trio of French trucks and a half dozen of some 28mm bug aliens for my Retro sci-fi stuff.  I've also joined Jonathan and signed up to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge http://thepaintingchallenge.blogspot.ca . I've set myself a goal of 750 points so I need to get cracking!