Monday, June 14, 2010

Misbehaving Sump Pump = AWESOME FUN

So I found out last night my sump pump got itself in a jam a day or two ago. And as a result of it being a typical piece of terran shite it decided to flood my fracking basement. So I got to spend Sunday ripping out carpet and underlay. Great fun, I highly recommend it. I should've known something was up when my hot water tank's pressure release valve died and flooded the furnace room earlier in the week. As bad things supposedly come in three's I'm wondering what fate has in store for me next. Maybe I'll get hit by a water truck. Boy, would that suck. Then again, it is Monday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thureophoroi Finally Completed!

Tonight I finally completed my 3 bases of Thureophoroi. They are going to be used as assorted light infantry. The miniatures are all Crusader.

Next up is a couple units for Full Thrust and another unit of Companion Heavy Cavalry.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Imperial Alexander vs. Ceasar Romans

Tonight at game night I played Dave in a 500 point Impetus battle between my Imperial Alexander army and his Ceasar Romans. It was a very enjoyable game, thank you Dave. Early on it looked like my army was going to get crushed (Elephant 9 dice-> 1 hit = LAME!). Once the units of pike got stuck in, I was able to slowly grind down the Legionnaires. In the end, I squeaked out a draw. It's an interesting matchup of Legion vs Phalangites. The Legionnaires have a high VBU vs. the Phalangites staying power due to their depth. I look forward to future games.

But like a dope, I forgot my camera at home so there's no pics except for the ones taken by Bob (see Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog).

Using Foundry's 20% off deal, I purchased a bunch of minis that will allow me to construct a baggage train base for my army. Hopefully they should be here in a few weeks.

Still on my table is 3 units of Thureophoroi and a couple of Full Thrust units.