Thursday, January 16, 2020

Counterblast Mekkus and a Rabblerouser

My next post for the year is a collection of figures from the Mekkus faction from Bombshell Miniatures Counterblast game. The Mekkus are machines that turned on their creators, wiped them out and decided to try wiping out everyone else in the galaxy. A friendly lot.
First up is the Central Command Unit.

This figure is all metal and is quite a hefty piece.

Next up is a resin Artificer. Artificers are basically repair units.

Next is a pair of metal Defenders. The one on the left has Gamma Disruptors and the other has Particle Blasters.

Next is a group of resin and metal Harvesters. The two on the left have Particle Blasters while the other two carry Gamma Disruptors.

And finally is the Seeker, a stealth scout unit.

And here are all of them together.

And finally here is a Rabblerouser. This is from Warlord Games Fire and Brimstone pack.

'Til next time.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Protolene Infantry

One of the things I wanted to get done this year was finish painting up my 15mm sci-fi figs and get them to the table. So I dug out these Protolene infantry and painted them up. This actually was pretty much all the infantry I have for this faction.
These figs were from Critical Mass Games before they closed shop. Ral Partha Europe carries them now, which is nice as it would be a shame if all of CMG's lines disappeared. First up is two squads of Hunters with laser rifles.
Next is a squad of Hunters with particle cannons.
Next is a Hunter command squad.
 This is a squad of Scout snipers.
And finally is this squad of Protolene Mercenaries.
 I do have a bunch of mechs and power armour still to do for these guys, but they're down a ways in the queue.

Next post will probably be some Counterblast Mekkus figs.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Year in Review

Happy New Year all, I hope everyone's holidays were decent.  As the Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge is in full swing, I expect my post count for the next few months to be more frequent.

I don't have any figs to start this post off with, so I'll just jump right into my review of the year. Let's review what I did this year compared to what I wanted to actually get done.
1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army - this didn't get done but I only have 3 vehicles/guns left and they're on my paint table right now.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - complete this army - this didn't get done at all. Still have a bunch of figures and vehicles to be completed.
3. Frostgrave - finish all the figures I have - finished most of it but I still have a handful of Gnolls to paint up.
4. 54mm War of 1812 - complete all the units I have left - didn't touch any of this. I don't have much left but I just didn't get to it. I think I only have 1 gun and crew and some casualty figures left.
5. 28mm Samurai - complete the first army and do at least half of the second army - I'm pretty much done the first army and I think I've started on the second one. Needless to say this project barely got moved along.
6. 28mm Carthaginians - complete this army - did almost nothing with this project. I think the only thing I wanted to do with this project is get a couple elephants.
7. Star Wars Legion - complete the core box set - didn't really start the core box besides Vader and Luke. I did paint up a couple other boxes though.
8. Terrain - complete all of my unbuilt/unpainted terrain - this didn't get done although I did get a pile of buildings done for my MayDay game.

Hmm, what did I get done last year? I did get a number of fantasy monsters done for whenever I get around to playing Warlords of Erewhon. So here are my goals for this year:

1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army - shouldn't be a problem as I only have 3 things left to do.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - complete this army - this shouldn't be a problem as I really don't have that much left to do.
3. 54mm War of 1812 - complete all the figures I have left over - this really, really should be easy to do as I've got almost nothing left.
4. 28mm French & Indian War - complete the boxes and figures I have left and try to get a game to the table sometime this year.
5. 28mm Samurai - do at least 4 bases of Samurai/Ashigaru. I'm not going to set myself a huge goal of trying to get the army done as I know that won't happen.
6. Star Wars Legion - get all my figs painted. I do have them all primed and ready to go and I'm hoping to get a fair number of them painted during the paint challenge.
7. 15mm Sci-fi - I need to get these done and to the table otherwise I might as well get rid of them. I am painting some right now for the paint challenge so I'm hoping this motivated me.
8. Counterblast - complete all the figs I currently have and get a few games to the table. As this game only requires a few figs per side this should be an easy goal. All the figs I do have left are primed and ready to go.

It's not really a goal but I am going to be painting a Soviet early war army for a friend for Chain of Command here in the short term so that may cause some things to be pushed further down the queue.

Oof, this does sound like a lot but it really isn't that bad. The key is just to stay motivated and I had a problem with that (and usually do) about halfway through the year. We'll see what happens this year.

Well, here's to the new year and good gaming!