Thursday, January 16, 2020

Counterblast Mekkus and a Rabblerouser

My next post for the year is a collection of figures from the Mekkus faction from Bombshell Miniatures Counterblast game. The Mekkus are machines that turned on their creators, wiped them out and decided to try wiping out everyone else in the galaxy. A friendly lot.
First up is the Central Command Unit.

This figure is all metal and is quite a hefty piece.

Next up is a resin Artificer. Artificers are basically repair units.

Next is a pair of metal Defenders. The one on the left has Gamma Disruptors and the other has Particle Blasters.

Next is a group of resin and metal Harvesters. The two on the left have Particle Blasters while the other two carry Gamma Disruptors.

And finally is the Seeker, a stealth scout unit.

And here are all of them together.

And finally here is a Rabblerouser. This is from Warlord Games Fire and Brimstone pack.

'Til next time.

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