Saturday, July 31, 2010

Full Thrust Civvie Ships

Completed a batch of 7 civilian ships for Full Thrust. These ships are all Ground Zero Games.

Next up is a batch of Tomb King cavalry and infantry. I have a 1000 pt. game vs. Dave on Tuesday, we're going to give the new 8th edition rules a try.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Finished some terrain tonight. First up is some assorted terrain for Full Thrust:

There's a sun, a gas giant and a couple smaller planets/moons and a number of asteroids (courtesy of my back yard). The planets aren't super stellar (no pun intended) but for a first stab I think they're pretty decent.

Finally I finished painting up some craters that I purchased from Woodrow's War Store
Couple coats of drybrushing and they've painted up quite nicely.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full Thrust Trainwreck

Had my friend Chris over tonight for a couple games of Full Thrust. First game came down to one ship on each side with one box left on each. Chris won that one. Next one, well let's just say that I need a shower after that one. He inflicted enough damage that I had to roll for criticals on every system and managed to hit an insane number of critical hits including my bridge and life support. I ended up losing that battle by my remaining ship having it's crew bail due to lack of life support. Ugh. Well, I suppose Chris has to have one or two victories. Next time will be a different story.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Macedonian Baggage Train

Finished my Impetus baggage train base for my Macedonians tonight. All the figs are Foundry.

Next up is a batch of 7 merchant vessels for Full Thrust.

Also, like a crack addict I've been enticed back into Warhammer. I ordered my copy of the new rulebook yesterday. As I already have a virtually complete Tomb King army, I probably won't need to buy any more minis.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Macs and Some Ships

So amid the torrential rain, I thought I'd take a few pics of my latest completed minis. First up is another base of Macedonian Companion cavalry. These minis are all Foundry.

Next up is a large transport for my Full Thrust US Fleet. This mini is from Ground Zero Games.

Finally there is a small space station. This mini is also a Ground Zero Games mini.

Presently I'm working on a baggage train base for my Macedonian army. Now if only this damn rain would stop...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Imperial Alexander vs. Ceasar Romans Part Deux

Last night at game night Dave and I had a rematch of our two Impetus armies. Both of our armies were identical to what we used in the previous match. Here's the initial setup
Note the two Persian archer units in the bush on the Macedonian side (left side). This is rather important later.

Here is after the first turn.
The two lines start moving towards each other, with the Macedonian right flank surging forward to smite the tyrannical Romans!

Here is the second turn.
The Macedonian elephant hits and knocks back a Legion!

Here is the third turn.
Oh, wait a sec. Where's the Macedonian right flank?!? Having reached it's break point, they decided to pack it in and go home. Those two units of Persian archers I made note of at the start, I should have assigned one of them to this flank thereby raising the break point by one. Ergo I would have lasted at least another turn. A vital lesson to use next time.

And here is the last shot a turn or two before the end.
The two main front lines have crashed together with the end result being some casualties and some pushing and shoving. On the Macedonian right flank, the Romans start to envelop. From this point it was only a matter of losing a single unit till the Macedonians broke.

An entertaining game and I look forward to trying out some other armies (maybe Pyrrhic) against Dave.

On my painting table I have a couple Full Thrust units done, just need to get some pics taken and a unit of Companion cavalry nearing completion. After this is the baggage train base for my Impetus army.