Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada FTW!

Woo hoo! Team Canada wins!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Full Thrust Chinese Fleet - Part 3

Tonight I finished my Full Thrust Chinese fleet off. The pic below shows 2 pairs of cruisers. Not sure what I'm going to make these yet, maybe a pair of escort cruisers and a pair of strike cruisers.

Now I need to make up the ship sheets, come up with some terrain and then to battle!

Next, I'm going to start on my large Basic Impetus project for the Successors. On my table is 4 bases of Macedonian/Greek skirmishers.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Full Thrust Chinese Fleet - Part 2

Tonight I finished a few more ships in my Full Thrust Chinese Fleet. The picture below is of 4 battleships (2 of them carriers) and 8 squadrons of fighters.

I have 4 ships left and they should be done in the next day or two.

The weekend before last (Feb 14-15) I placed orders to Crusader, Vendel, 1st Corps and Aventine Miniatures for a pile of Successor figs. All orders are from the UK. Today, the order from Vendel and Aventine arrived. Seven days. Wow. Now that is fast! I love ordering from the UK.

Full Thrust Chinese Fleet - Part 1

Tonight I finished the first half of my Chinese Union Starfleet. All the ships in this fleet are from Brigade Models European Federation line. I've included Ned for size reference. The first picture is of a group of 4 frigates and 6 destroyers.

The picture below is of 4 heavy cruisers.

The detail on these minis is not quite as good as the Ground Zero Games ones but the magic dip really brought out the existing detail. In the next few days I should get the other half of the fleet completed.

Last night I had Chris over and we played a couple games of GMT's Twilight Struggle. We each took a turn playing the US and the USSR. I ended up winning both games. The image below shows the board at the end of the first game in which the USSR had won.

Each game took somewhere between 3 and 3 1/2 hours to play. Like CCA it is a card driven game, but unlike CCA the cards don't really force you to play in certain areas. And as I've stated in a previous post, the components (especially the board) are top notch.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Full Thrust US Fleet - Part 3

Today I finished my US fleet. Once I was finished painting I gave the entire fleet a wash of Future and a mix of black and grey paint. Overall it looks pretty good though on the superdreadnought it came out really dark. So here's the last two ships to be painted, the dreadnought and superdreadnought posing with Ned:

And finally here's the entire fleet:

Next up, I'll be starting my Chinese Union Starfleet.

Tomorrow at game night, Bob and I will be running a game of Command and Colors Ancients using Expansion 5: Epic Ancients. We'll be running the Battle of Clusium, 225 BC between the Gauls and the Roman Republic.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Full Thrust US Fleet - Part 2

Tonight I finished up the second batch of my US fleet. As before, these ships are from Ground Zero Games Federal Stats Europa range. Ned has been added for size comparison. First pic shows a pair of escort cruisers on the left and a pair of heavy cruisers on the right.

This pic shows a pair of battlecruisers on the left and a pair of battleships on the right.

There's two ships left to be painted in this fleet, the dreadnought and superdreadnought. I should get them done in the next day or two. After that is the Chinese Union Starfleet.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Full Thrust US Fleet - Part 1

Tonight I completed the first batch of ships for my Full Thrust US Stellar Navy. I started with the smaller ships. I've included Ned in the pictures to provide a relative size. The ships are all Ground Zero Games from their excellent Federal Stats Europa Astromarine range.

First up is a trio of scouts and a group of four destroyers.

Next is a trio of corvettes and a group of four frigates.

And finally there is a pair of light cruisers.

My next post should contain the escort cruisers, heavy cruisers and battlecruisers and with a little luck a couple battleships.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warrior Knights

Had a few friends over last night for a couple games of Warrior Knights. Here's the initial setup of the first game:

Congratulations to Chris for winning both games. You suck.

We're going to try for a game of Britannia in 4 weeks. Now to go get some painting done...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's showtime!

So tonight at game night Dave and I played the third game in our campaign. The scenario was The Cattle Raid. Here is the layout after the first turn and shows my left side and center.

And this one is of the center and my right side.

Here is the board after most of my infantry have either been destroyed or are in the processing of running away.

I ended up losing although it wasn't too bad of a loss as the troops I did lose were pretty cheap.

In hindsight I put my light cavalry and main heavy cavalry units too far to the right and they didn't get into the fight till the latter half of the battle. Next battle in the campaign is Cat Coit Celidon.

We finished a little early so we had a quick Basic Impteus battle using my Alexander Macedonians and Dave's beautifully painted Republican Romans standing in as the Polybian Roman army list.

Unfortunately it didn't work out well for Alexander's army as I got soundly trounced. For some ridiculous reason I thought Dave had an artillery unit (even though I had his army list in front of me - I'm blaming it on a brain cloud), so I opted to remove a hill in terrain placement. I should've taken a piece of bush and moved it in front of his legions. I've had a tough time playing these guys for the few times I've played them. One of this, one of that, one of those. As we discussed after, they would probably function a lot better in full blown Impetus when you could get more Phalangites in play. I've got enough minis left to do a few more units but I think I'm going to have to order a couple more things.

Regardless, next up on deck is the first of my Full Thrust fleets. They're sitting primed, ready to rock. Also this weekend I have a game of Warrior Knights with some friends which I'm fondly looking forward to.