Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dropfleet PHR Ships

Been a while since I've posted any figures up. Haven't been in much of a painting mood lately. Anyway, here's my latest painted figures. This is the bulk of the Dropfleet figures I have. FIgures all are plastic. First up is a group of four frigates.
The two on the left are Europa frigates and the two right ones are Pandora frigates.
These are a pair of Orion cruisers.
These are a Hector heavy cruiser (left) and a Bellerophon heavy carrier (right).
The last ship is a Ganymede assault troopship.

On my table right now, are three cruisers (under construction) and four more frigates. I might also do some World War 2 stuff as I think I can knock it off a little quicker. Til next time!