Sunday, August 28, 2011

Napoleon's Triumph

Last weekend I popped down to the Sentry Box with a couple friends. Besides a book, some paint and some terrain, I picked up a couple games: Napoleon's Triumph by Simmons Games and Prussia's Defiant Stand by Worthington Games. Last night we played Napoleon's Triumph. This game is about the Battle of Austerlitz set on Dec. 2, 1805 between the French and the Austrians and Russians. There are 2 scenarios: one is a hypothetical scenario which starts the battle on Dec. 1 and the other is the historical scenario which starts the battle on Dec. 2. We played the historical scenario. Here's the game at setup with the French on the left and the Allies on the right.
Bagration's corps about to lay a beating on Bessieres' corps:
Here's the end result:
The French left flank had been smashed with the bulk of their remaining forces being in the middle. Unfortunately for the Allies, their centre was in the process of overrun when the game ended. The game ended in a French decisive victory due to the sheer number of casualties inflicted. Unlike the real battle, the French had sustained heavy casualties and were not too far from losing themselves.

The historical scenario took us about 4 hours to play. The rules themselves are not very long being about 9-10 pages long. That being said the rules are reasonably complex with regards to actual combat. Our post game discussion came to the conclusion that battles are going to be bloody and are not going to be cake-walks. The map is pretty big and the board itself is a really nice looking board. Oh and there's no dice or cards! I look forward to playing this one again.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More 15mm Minis

Last night I finished off another group of 15mm minis. These are all from Ground Zero Games. First up is a group of 16 infantrymen. There is a number of command figs in this group.Next is group of 8 technicians. Four different poses, with an equal number of male & female pieces. And lastly is a ground based missile battery. On my table is a flyer and some more infantry. After that should be some vehicles mixed with infantry.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Full Thrust Ship

Today I finished a ship for my Full Thrust universe. It's going to be from my as-of-yet-unnamed alien faction. This mini is from Ground Zero Games and is a Kra'Vak Lo'Vok class Battledreadnought. So it's supposed to be a large vessel.

The mini was rather a pain in the ass to put together as unfortunately GZG does not have an actual pic of this one on their site and it's not really obvious how it all goes together. I had to go looking elsewhere to find a pic of it. Also the arms don't really sit very good. The paint scheme was super easy and really quick to pull off. I think it turned out pretty good.

Next up is a large batch of 15mm stuff: some more infantry, some civilians, a missile battery and a flyer.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Infantry

Finished some more infantry last night. These are all Ground Zero Games infantry.
On my table is a Full Thrust ship and I've started assembling some more infantry and a lone flying vehicle.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

15mm Terrain

Tonight I finished some terrain pieces for my 15mm sci-fi project. First up is a couple of pieces that could be supply objectives or possible barricades. These pieces are from Ground Zero Games except for the sandbags which are just 'green stuff'.
Next up is a set of military type buildings. These metal pieces are also from Ground Zero Games and is the full Base Module set.

Next up is a batch of 15mm infantry which I should finish tomorrow. After that is a lone ship for Full Thrust and then probably some more infantry and maybe some vehicles.