Thursday, April 29, 2021

Russian Infantry

Finished the last of the World War 2 Russian Infantry. These 28mm metal figs are from Black Tree Design.

There's nothing special about these figs, they're just basic riflemen.

And finally there is the sniper, Lady Death. This fig is from Warlord Games.

I've also picked up some more boardgames recently.
So I like GMT apparently.

Anywho, on the paint table is some Counterblast figs that will pretty much get used for Stargrave, I have a couple Soviet vehicles that I want to get done and some monsters I'd like to get done soon.

Monday, April 19, 2021

F&IW Indians

Finished another small batch of figs. These are all 28mm metal figs. This first group is from North Star Military Figures' Muskets & Tomahawks line.

For the next group, I only remember where one of the figures is from.

The second figure on the left is from Warlord Games and came with the A Dark and Bloody Ground book for Black Powder. Great book by the way. The other three figs I'm not sure who the manufacturer is. They're either from Warlord, Sash & Saber, North Star or Galloping Major.

Monday, April 5, 2021

F&IW Part Who Knows

Finished yet more French & Indian War figures. First group are 28mm metal figs from North Star Military Figures and are part of their Muskets & Tomahawks range. These are a group of British Highland Light Infantry.

This is the first time I've painted tartan so I think they came out decently. Could use a few more black lines, but they look perfectly fine for the gaming table.

Next up is the British personality character pack from Warlord Games. These are 28mm metal figs. From left to right they are: Washington, Monroe and Wolfe.

On my table are some natives and some 15mm Ancients that I'm slowly grinding away on.