Monday, June 28, 2021

Terrain Pieces

Been a slow month, what with real life, heat, and other stuff. So what I've completed, I've piled into this one post and it's all terrain. First up is group of computer screens/consoles that Terry had 3D printed off for me.

Next up is a pair of guns that Terry had picked up at a garage sale. These will find use in Star Wars Legion. They're a little bigger than the correct scale but perfectly serviceable.

And finally are the pieces that should definitely find use in Stargrave. These are old GW 40K terrain pieces.

I'm starting to mass a decent collection of these. If only I could find more.

On my paint table right now are some more terrain pieces and I've got a pile of the Mantic terrain kits that I need to assemble and paint. I might be able to stick in a figure or two into the queue and it will probably be creatures for use in Stargrave.