Monday, April 26, 2010

Antigonid Phalangites and Dumbo!

Finally I completed my unit of Anitgonid phalangites and elephant. Here's the phalangites. These are 1st Corps minis.

They're a wee bit smaller than my Foundry minis but they're really nice. These are the first minis I've put transfers on from Little Bigmen Studios. I really like these transfers and I find them easier to use than the Veni Vidi Vici onces.

And here's Dumbo! The first pic is all the pieces.

Here's the finished pics.

The elephant is from Aventine Miniatures and it's gorgeous. This is by far my nicest mini. The crew pieces are superbly sculpted. I don't think I did them justice.

Next up is another unit of Antigonid phalangites and a unit of Thracian medium cavalry. This weekend is Mayday so I'm looking forward to getting in some gaming.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tigris & Euphrates

Last week I picked up a couple games: Tigris & Euphrates (Mayfair Games) and Arkham Horror (Fantasy Flight Games). Went and played a couple games of T&E at a friends place last night. Here's the pic of the end of the second game.

It's a pretty decent game. The rules could be written a little clearer but overall it was a fun and rather tense game. We played three players; four players would be very intense.

I'm saving Arkham Horror for my next boardgame night on May 8th. On the mini table (still!) is my elephant and unit of Antigonid phalangites. Tomorrow is Impetus at games night. Looking froward to it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Night - Game Night

Had a few friends over last night and we played a game of Eagle Games' Conquest of the Empire. The end was a very close finish with three of us being separated by no more than 20 points. I ended up winning. Here's a pic of the game at the end.
The game is pretty simple. The pieces are pretty high quality: nice big coins, huge colourful board, really nice cards and solid plastic pieces. The main down side to the game was the territories that surround the core of the Empire are generally worthless and can only serve to block an opponents movement, but no one really wanted to waste a general/Ceasar to fill those territories up with pieces (to move any units, a general/Ceasar must be present). I might have to come up with a house rule or something for this. The overall opinion of it was pretty high by everyone, so we'll be playing this one again sometime.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WAB Showdown!

So tonight was the final game in the WAB Shieldwall campaign with Dave. Dave's Scots versus my Normans. I knew I'd be facing a couple large blocks of troops, a medley of characters and those damned Vikings! The scenario (Battle at the River Dubglas) starts off with one of the sides getting the chance to issue a challenge. Unfortunately Dave won this and promptly issued a challenge with his King. My Comes Ned the Norman, bravely stepped up and then decided that this wasn't such a good idea.

The pic shows the initial setup (Scots on the left, Normans on the right). Both our generals are in the middle except mine is bravely running away (insert Robin's minstrels singing). Hmm, I really do need a better camera.

The game went for 7 rounds with Dave eeking out a narrow victory mainly due to the fact that a small unit of my knights ran off the field. Here's the field after the 7 rounds.

As we were done early we decided to play the game out for a few more rounds. It generally went downhill for the Normans. So overall the campaign was a Scot victory.

Thanks Dave for the campaign and congrats on your victory!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Antigonos & Demetrios Successors

Finally completed some bases for my Antigonos and Demetrios Basic Impetus armies.
Here's a base of medium cavalry. These are Vendel miniatures. I'm rather disappointed with these minis and if I had to pick, they're probably my worst minis. Compared to the Vendel Scythians I did earlier (which were great minis) these are considerably worse. They seem notably larger and rather blocky.

This pic is of 5 bases of Persian archer skirmishers.
These are Crusader miniatures. I love the Crusader stuff, they're nice and simple and well sculpted, be it Persians or Normans. Next up is a base or two of Antigonos Phalangites and an Elephant.

Also, Tuesday is going to be the final battle in Dave's and my Shieldwall campaign. We'll be fighting the Battle on the River Dubglas. I'm not looking forward to this as I have a problem dealing with his large blocks of troops and those damned Vikings. I need to get some new dice and maybe make some sort of sacrifice to Cthulhu or something.