Monday, July 3, 2017

Start of PHR Fleet for Dropfleet

So I've decided to get into Dropfleet Commander and the fleet I've chosen is the PHR fleet. I like the look of the long sleek hulls and they have a nice high tech feel to them. When I first looked at the hulls they reminded me of the long head of the 'Alien' monster. So I decided to paint mine black instead of the standard white.  I've started with a corvette pack as a test-bed for the colour scheme.
Originally I went with a gloss varnish on the black hull but it ended up looking like dog $hit. So I repainted them and have kept the matte black look. They turned out alright I guess. They're definitely no where near the quality of work seen on the Edmonton Dropfleet page.

I also finished the launch assets pack.

On my table right now are a pair of cruisers for Dropfleet. We'll see how my paint scheme works on bigger ships.