Saturday, August 8, 2020

French & Indian War Artillery

Finished some artillery for the French & Indian War French and British forces. Both of these units are metal figs from Sash & Saber. First up is the French 4 lb gun.

The crew was ridiculously easy and quick to paint up. They're nowhere near as fancy as their British counterparts. And here's the British 6 lb and crew.
I also have finished some little bits of terrain. These are all from one of the Mantic Terrain Crates, with the exception of one item.
The one exception are the barrels. I got this piece from Terry and its a 3D printed piece. Painted up quite nice and dead simple.

I've got some WW2 Soviets that are finished and just need to be based. The next thing I'll be painting will be a large batch of Rebel terrorists from the Star Wars Legion core box.