Monday, May 2, 2016

Zenithian Soldiers

Finally finished up the last of my figures for my Mayday game. These are the figures I'm using as my Zenithians. The figures are all metal with the exception of the walker which is metal and resin. Figures are all from Bombshell Miniatures All the figures are from their Counterblast Edofleini faction. First up are the 5 troopers.
Next is the commander
 And lastly is the Walker.
Next up on my paint table is probably a couple Frostgrave figures then some retro sci-fi figures, then I'm going to throw myself into my World War 2 French as I have a ton of vehicles and figures to paint up.

And I need to throw in an obligatory plug: Mayday is this Saturday, so if you want to go here's the site: