Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last of the NK Egyptians

On Tuesday I finished the last of my 15mm New Kingdom Egyptians.  These figs are all Old Glory 15's. First up is 2 units of light chariots.
Next is 4 units of light infantry Sea Peoples. I still have another pack of these guys and can have a pile more, but I'll do them up at another time.
And lastly is a chariot general.
There's only a handful more units I need to paint up before I've maxed out every category in the list, but I'll do them at a later date. For now, next up is the first of the NKE opponents, the Hittites.

Monday, July 1, 2013

NK Egyptians - Almost done!

Last night I finished another batch of New Kingdom Egyptians for my Impetus army. All figures are Old Glory 15's.  First up are 3 bases of Canaanite light infantry.
Next is a base of heavy infantry Shardana Guards & Elite.
Next is a base of heavy infantry Royal Guards.
And finally are 3 general bases or markers.
On my paint table right now are some Sea Peoples bases and the last of the chariots.  After that the only thing I have left is some more Sea Peoples but I might start doing the Hittites instead.

Happy Canada Day!