Monday, April 26, 2010

Antigonid Phalangites and Dumbo!

Finally I completed my unit of Anitgonid phalangites and elephant. Here's the phalangites. These are 1st Corps minis.

They're a wee bit smaller than my Foundry minis but they're really nice. These are the first minis I've put transfers on from Little Bigmen Studios. I really like these transfers and I find them easier to use than the Veni Vidi Vici onces.

And here's Dumbo! The first pic is all the pieces.

Here's the finished pics.

The elephant is from Aventine Miniatures and it's gorgeous. This is by far my nicest mini. The crew pieces are superbly sculpted. I don't think I did them justice.

Next up is another unit of Antigonid phalangites and a unit of Thracian medium cavalry. This weekend is Mayday so I'm looking forward to getting in some gaming.


  1. Nice elephant! Are the transfers water slide? I see why companies produce rub one but I much refer waterslide--a bit more forgiving if you don't nail the positioning the first time!

  2. The transfers aren't waterslide, they're like stickers, well they are stickers. I found them way easier to put on curved surfaces (shields) than the 3V waterslide ones. They're less prone to tearing.