Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Samurai, a Troll and a Lady.

Sounds like a weird group just walked into a bar. But alas it isn't a joke, it's just a weird assortment of figs.The bulk of this post is the samurai figs.

These figs are all 28mm metal. The infantry are from Steel Fist Miniatures and the cavalry are from The Assault Group (TAG). First up is a base of ashigaru with yari.

I was originally going to do up a couple bases of teppo, but the Steel Fist teppo were just crap. They were not cast very well compared to my Kingsford figs. So they're sitting on a shelf right now and I'm debating whether to just grind through them painfully or just throw them out.

Next up is a base of samurai with yari.

And finally is a base of mounted warrior monks.

These were actually the first TAG miniatures I've ever painted. They're nice, clean well cast figs. I look forward to painting more of their figs.

Here is the lot all together:

Next up is a river troll from Games Workshop. Nice expressive fig with lots of character, really fun to paint.

And lastly is this lady from Sash and Saber's French and Indian War line.

'Til next time.

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