Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daemon Win

Completed a Beast of Nurgle last night. Here's a front and back view of this lovely chap.
I knocked this guy off easily yesterday. Painting Nurgle is easy! Some dark green, light green drybrush and then the amazing Devlan Mud wash. I added all the hooks and little "shell" shapes as it was rather plain without it. And I do have to say that I love Devlan Mud. That's one thing GW does do right: their washes.

Went over to Dave's today for a 2000 pt. battle against his Brettonians. See Dave's page (link down on the right) for good coverage of the battle. Dave had some really bad luck which was fortunate for me. My Flamers really payed for themselves. The Beast didn't really pay for himself. Due to his high toughness he withstood any damage but went poof due to bad combat result. My biggest disappointment was my Daemon Prince of Nurgle. The spells I ended up getting were not very good and he was not worth even remotely the 490 pts he cost me. And in general my magic was rather poor except for one good casting of Gift of Chaos that caught all 3 of Dave's knight units. Overall the battle was a long hard slogging fight. I look forward to getting my guys on the field.