Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Minis of 2011

Tonight I finally finished my unit of Khorne Bloodcrushers.

These guys took me forever. The three front ones are from the plastic Bloodcrusher boxed set, while the two in the rear are metal ones. The plastic ones are easily superior minis to the metal ones. Details on the plastic ones are crisper and they're actually more detailed than the metal ones. That and the fact they don't weigh a ton. These guys also could easily substitute as mounted Heralds of Khorne.

I also finished a Herald of Khorne on foot.

This mini was an old Bloodthrister, the Greater Daemon of Khorne. But as it's actually smaller than the current Daemon Prince (the weakest of the Daemon lords), it wasn't very suitable as a current Greater Daemon. So after a little hacking and gluing, voila! The really crappy part of this mini is the banner itself. To be honest it looks like shite. I wasn't able to paint a decent looking banner and it looks terrible. Better luck next time I guess.

Next up is more Daemons, what, I don't know yet.


  1. The banner isn't that bad... well it's not amazing but it is a banner with all the attached rules benefits so that makes it beautiful in some way! Nice units though, I would dread facing them.