Thursday, July 21, 2011

15mm Sci-fi Infantry

Tonight I finished my first batch of 15mm infantry for my U.S. faction. These are from Ground Zero Games NAC faction.

I enjoyed painting these as compared to my other faction, I think mainly because I painted these in a small group of 16 instead of 2 large batches of 40. The picture isn't the greatest (I really don't have adequate lighting), but they are pretty nice.

On Tuesday I had a game of 2500 point game of Warhamster pitting my Tomb Kings against Dave's Vampire Counts. The pic below pretty much sums up how the game went.
No I didn't smash my army in a fit of rage, I accidentally stepped on him. Perfect end to the evening. I learned three things from the game: 1. don't play TK with 1 wizard (even if he is level 4), you're going to lose, 2. TK undead summoning is an absolute pathetic joke compared to Vampire Counts. And 3. without magic dice a TK army can't win. I had on my paint table a box of 10 new Tomb Guard and a couple TK characters but I'm so utterly disgusted with Tuesday's game that I just shelved the whole lot. I don't even want to look at them.

So next up is some more 15mm infantry and some 15mm buildings and maybe a ship for Full Thrust.


  1. Nice job with the 15mm figures. I like the guy crouching behind the rubble. I read somewhere that IKEA has small desk laps on sale for $12 with flexible heads. Two of these would improve your lighting. If there is glare, you could diffuse the light through white printer paper.