Saturday, August 25, 2012

Edmonton International AFV Show

Today was the day of the Edmonton International AFV Show at HMCS Nonsuch.  Below is a few of the pics I've taken.  Check out Terry's blog for more and better pics.

The last pic is one of my favourites.  They had a section for 'works in progress'.  It's really interesting to see all the after market pieces that each modeller adds to their model.

One of the organizers is a friend of mine and he was rather disappointed with the model turnout (they had about 31 less models than last year).  Maybe next year if some of our group can enter some models (I'm looking at you Kevin!).


  1. Yes, I've been thinking on the whole Model Clubs vs the younger generations. I remember spending weekends in my room building tanks. Todays youth I don't think are much into modelling. Maybe I am totally wrong, but its just a hunch I have, that we are seeing a decline in a fantastic hobby.

  2. I can totally see the younger gamers doing more sci-fi and fantasy models/miniatures. That being said, maybe it is a very slowly dying hobby.