Sunday, November 10, 2013

War of 1812 - 54mm Militia

Today I finally finished off some more figures for my War of 1812 project. First is a unit of British/Canadian militia. Figures of course are All The King's Men.
Realistically you could swap out the British officer and standard bearer with their American counterparts and the unit would be the same.

Next is a pair of mounted British generals.
I'm still not really satisfied with my pics. Maybe I need a better camera or something.

Since this post covers a unit of militia, I'd like to point out an excellent article I found linked on The Miniatures Page about the "militia myth" and the involvement and sacrifice of Canadian militia units in the War of 1812. Thanks to Armand (Tango01) for posting the link and to Robert Henderson for researching and writing it. Here's the link:

Next up is a pile of Hittites(chariots and heavy infantry) and two small units of Canadian Voltiguers.


  1. Pictures are pretty decent Scott! A coloured background such as a t-shirt draped over the back and bottom of your light box would reduce the contrast a bit and maybe make your camera happier. Grey and blue both work reasonable well.