Wednesday, March 19, 2014

War of 1812 - US Infantry

The other night I finished up 3 units of American infantry that I was slowly slogging through. These figures are all from All The King's Men.

I'm going to avoid painting up a large batch all at once again, as it's really monotonous.

I've decided to run the 2nd Battle of Sackett's Harbour at MayDay this year. The British/Canadian side I've got ready but for the American side I need to paint up some cavalry, a cannon and another couple units of infantry. That and get my terrain ready. Oh and run through the rules as I haven't even tried them yet. On my paint table right now is a unit of US artillery and a unit of US skirmishers.


  1. They look great. Painting multiples of stuff that big is tedious! What are you basing them on (the black squares)?

  2. The bases are wooden Litko bases. These ones are 3mm wood.