Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MayDay 2014 & US Cavalry

This past Saturday was MayDay 2014. Although attendance wasn't as good as last year, there were still plenty of great games played. I ran a War of 1812 - 2nd Battle of Sackett's Harbour game using All The King's Men ruleset. This was the first time I've brought out my 54mm figs and they seemed to be nicely received.
In this scenario the US regulars were behind a line of abattis awaiting the arrival of the British regulars while on the left flank a couple units of militia and cavalry were trying to hold off a number of British, Canadian and Native skirmishers.  Unfortunately it was not a good day to be an American, with the British/Canadians holding the field at the end.

In the early afternoon I played in Dave's game of Hail Caesar pitting late Romans against the Carpi and their Sarmatian allies.  Alas for the Carpi, the Romans squeaked out a narrow win.

And in the late afternoon I played in Warren's Star Wars fleet battle game. I was playing the forces of law and order (the Imperials) while Chen (pictured here) was playing the terrorists a.k.a. the Rebel scum. Unfortunately for the good guys, the timely arrival of a large Mon Calamari cruiser spelled doom for the Empire.

Here's some pics of the other games:
Jonathan's Through the Mud and the Blood game

Justin's World War 2 game (not sure what ruleset was used, but there was lots of counters and it looked pretty in depth).

Warren's Giant Monster Rampage game

Chen's Strange Aeons X-Com game

I missed getting pics of the other games including the 40K tournament. But I did get some pics of the displays Craig put up and hats off to him for doing a bang up job. Here's some pics displaying Lord of the rings, Flames of War desert Afrikacorps, X-Wing and Flames of War D-Day.

Finally, just prior to MayDay, I finished a unit of US Cavalry and a pair of US generals.

I'm going to take a bit of a break on the 54mm front and switch back to painting my 15mm Hittites.