Sunday, October 12, 2014


One of the games I picked up last weekend at Fallcon (more on that below) was Suburbia by Bezier Games. In this game you build a city by purchasing tiles and placing them in the best place possible to maximize your money and reputation you receive.

Each tile has certain abilities that can affect the score depending or whether they're adjacent to or near to certain other tiles. The game components are really nice and are of high quality. I've only played a two-player game so far and it took us about an hour. Replayability is quite high so I look forward to playing it again.

Last weekend I went down to Calgary and attended my first Fallcon. I had a great time and participated in a number of rather enjoyable games. I played in a game of Twilight Struggle against someone other than my usual opponent and proceeded to get beat rather solidly. The game went the full 10 turns but it was a wonder that I held off defeat that long. I also played in a couple new games: Amerigo and Concordia. Both were enjoyable games and I would gladly play them again.

My take away from the weekend was probably the ridiculous amount of money I spent on games as seen in the pic below:
I picked up Guns of Gettysburg from the Sentry Box, I purchased Suburbia from one of the vendors at Fallcon and the rest were either purchased in the auction or flea market. The real gem of the lot is Where There is Discord, a solitaire game about the Falkland Islands War. I'm looking forward to getting this one on the table.

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