Thursday, February 9, 2017

Germans & Frostgrave

This week I've finished another small group of early-war Germans. First up is a set of metal German engineers from Black Tree Design.
 The next pair of figures are a pair of metal Flamethrower troops, also from Black Tree Design.

And to round out my Germans is a 75mm light artillery piece from Warlord Games.

I also completed a few figures for Frostgrave. First up is a Celt Packmaster and hounds from Warlord Games
And lastly is a Wraith King from Reaper Miniatures.
Next up on my paint table is a bunch more adventurers for Frostgrave and probably some French vehicles.


  1. These look great, Scott! I really like what you did with the Wraith King. I have the same figure, but I did it in a basic boring black.

  2. HAH! You just cursed this Sunday's game! We are sure to get a Wraith spawn now! Well done Scott.