Thursday, February 15, 2018

French & German Early-War Vehicles

Recently I finished a group of early World War II French and German vehicles. Early war is a great time for vehicles, lots of variety, some good some wacky. These are all 28mm resin with some metal bits. All but one of these are from Warlord Games. We'll start off with the lone German vehicle - a Sd.Kfz. 231 (6-rad) armoured car.
Now onto the French vehicles. First up is an R35.
Next is an R40.
The next tank is from Mad Bob Miniatures. This is an AMC-35.
And finally is a pair of Char B1 bis.


  1. The early war stuff is a hoot. Crazy camo, weird designs, often unbalanced capabilities (e.g., impregnable but only a pop gun with no HE or co-ax). Nice job.

  2. The French are really nice!
    Can I ask what colors you used for the green color on the French tanks?