Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Early War Armour

Finished some more early World War 2 tanks. First up is a group of four Panzer 38T's. These are from Warlord Games.

And next up is a trio of French H39's. These are from a Mad Bob Miniatures French Kickstarter they ran a couple years ago.

On my paint table right now is a box of French & Indian War British regulars.


  1. Scott those look fantastic - airbrush?

    1. The Pz38T's were just airbrushed a base grey and the H39's was airbrushed a base green. The other colours when then done by hand. After that both sets of models got a wash of watered down Agrax Earthshade (GW). Tracks got a couple Agrax washes and then some earthy powders were brushed onto them. I don't quite have enough confidence in my meager airbrushing skills to do camo patterns yet!