Thursday, April 16, 2020

More Counterblast figs

Yesterday I finished off the last of my Counterblast figs that I currently have. These figs are from Bombshell Miniatures' Counterblast line. These 28mm figs are metal and resin. There's two factions here and I'll start with the Galactic Defense Force (GDF).

From left to right: Shrinaar Sentry, Shrinaar Enforcer, Human Sentry and a Combot. The Shrinaar are cat people hence the tail.

The next group of figures are from the Lancers faction. Lancers are the rough-and-tumble types living in the Outer Reaches.

From left to right: Unagi (an Alanti character), Shrinaar Captain, Alanti Lanceguard, Shrinaar Clipper and Ur'Zarl (a Shrinaar character). The Alanti are shark people. And finally for the Lancers is this Heavy Combot.

Sitting on my paint table right now are a large batch of assorted French and Indian War figures.