Saturday, December 19, 2020

Rebels, A Monster & Books

Been a while since I've posted. The figures I eluded to in my last post took a long time. These are the Rebel half of the Star Wars Legion core box. 

There's 7 different poses with 3 of each pose. So a nice variety of figures. 

Next up is a lone monster. This figure is an Adult Remorhaz from Wizkids D&D miniatures line.

I went with a purple colour. It's actually a little darker in person. 

The Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge starts tomorrow so I'll probably have 1 or 2 more posts before the end of the year. 

Lately I've been watching a number of book videos on Youtube. One of them had mentioned the SF Masterworks collection done by some publisher a number of years ago. The entire list of books is on Wikipedia SF Masterworks. There's 203 books in total and I've decided to read them all. Prior to deciding to read all of these, I've read 10 of them. Since I started a couple weeks ago, I've completed an additional four more. So only 190 more to go! Edited to add the book covers of the ones I've read so far.

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