Saturday, August 7, 2021

Terrain & Monsters

It's been a slow month and I finally got some stuff done. I've got some terrain pieces done and a few creatures for use in Stargrave. First up is the creatures. The figs are all 28mm plastic figs from Wizkids' D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures. First up is the Froghemoth.

This fig is big. I'm planning on using it as a Dedfurd in Stargrave. Maybe. The monster in the rules is Large, but it may be too big. We'll see.

Next up is a pair of Leucrotta. I'll use these as Warp Hounds. Paint job is rather meh.

On to terrain. First up is a Games Workshop Shrine of the Aquila.

My rust turned out very bright and I got out of control with it. There's a lot of crap on this building as expected from a GW piece, so it was a bit of a slog to paint.

Last up is a pair of rubbish piles that Terry had printed up for me.

And again I have the same issues as with the GW terrain piece above. I know there's a lot of rust how-to's online but I did not want to go through some 10 stage rust process for a terrain piece. I'll have to come up with something.

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  1. These look great, Scott. I hear you about 10-step effects. Life is too short!