Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone and I hope everyone had a nice safe Christmas and New Years. Well, there goes another less than fun year. Maybe 2022 will be better.

So I'm, going to start this year with a review of my 2021 goals.
1. 28mm World War II French - completed.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - completed.
3. 28mm World War II Soviets - completed, and this should be ready to hand over to Chris.
4. 54mm War of 1812 - completed.
5. 28mm French & Indian War - I wanted to get 100 figures done and I ended up getting 108 done, so completed.
6. 28mm Samurai - wanted to get 4 bases done, but I only got 3 bases done. 75% completed.
7. Star Wars Legion - completed.
8. 15mm Sci-fi - did absolutely nothing with this. Still don't know what I'm going to do with it all.
9. 15mm Ancients/Medievals - wanted to get 6 bases of Ancients and 10 bases of Medievals done. Didn't get any Medievals done but got 15 bases of Ancients done. So 50% done this goal.

Overall I completed 6 goals and 2 others well on their way. Pretty good I have to say. I got 353 figs done, which is the most since 2014 and the most posts since 2012. Pretty good overall, and that's with the rather lax work I did over the summer months.

I got in 51 games, which was 7 more than in 2020. I spent the latter part of the year starting to dig into the unplayed pile. I need to get these games to the table and figure out if they're worth keeping. Also this year, I think I'm going to do a purge, I have at least 30 games that I'd like to get rid of.

In case anyone is remotely interested in this, I got an astonishing 80 books read, of which 16 were audiobooks. My 'to read' shelf is a few hundred books long so I've got reading for a number of years. I also started a Goodreads page:

So here's my goals for 2022.
1. 28mm French & Indian War - complete everything I have.
2. 28mm Samurai - so I'm working on three forces, with one force almost done. I need to acquire a bunch more cavalry to do everything I want to. So my goal for this will be to complete 10+ bases.
3. 28mm Republican Romans - I want to start on this force to oppose my Carthaginians. I'd like to get 10 bases done.
4. 15mm Ancients/Medievals - I want to get all the remaining Ancients completed and get at least 20 bases of Medievals done.
5. 15mm Sci-fi - need to do something with these, just don't know what.
6. Get Rid of Shit - I need to thin down the stuff I have. As mentioned above, I've got at least 30 boardgames that I need to get rid of. I've also got a small box of unassembled figs that I need to get rid of. 

Hopefully this year will be a little better than the last. Have a good year everyone.


  1. All I know is that the best goal, is the one you score on! Quite the list of accomplishments for a pretty much solo gaming year. I am guessing the 15mm sci-fi is for your Traveller, but couldn't you do it in 28mm? With all the fun stuff out now for Stargrave, 5 parsecs from home etc.

  2. The 15mm sci-fi isn't for Traveller. I was planning on doing a bunch of 15mm sci-fi gaming a number of years ago but now I'm kind of not really into it.