Thursday, January 5, 2023

2022 Year in Review

Happy New Year gentle readers, I hope everyone had a decent holiday. Well, for me from a hobby perspective, 2022 was shit. I had about 6-7 months where I didn't do any miniature painting. I turned 50 in January and I spent most of the year trying to wrap my head around a few things and this affected my desire to painting anything. But it's not hobby related so I'll just leave it at that and move on to the reason I hope you are here for.

I'll start with reviewing my 2022 goals.
1. 28mm French & Indian War - completed this goal right at the end of the year.
2. 28mm Samurai - I wanted to complete 10+ bases. I didn't get a single base done.
3. 28mm Republican Romans -  I wanted to complete 10 bases. Didn't even get this project started.
4. 15mm Ancients/Medievals - Didn't get anything done for this.
5. 15mm Sci-fi - I still haven't decided what to do with these. I'm really leaning on getting rid of all of it but there's probably no market for it.
6. Get Rid of Shit - I got rid of a bunch of boardgames was pretty much all I got rid of. Only picked up a couple games so a definite down size on this front.

Overall, it was a disaster for miniature painting and was my second worse year for miniatures since I first started this blog back in 2010.

I got in 60 games in 2022, which was 9 more than in 2021. I got in a number of games that hadn't been played yet and I need to continue this trend in 2023. I'm also going to get rid of some more games in the coming year.

I set myself a goal of 60 books this year and I ended up reading 67. I've set myself a goal of 65 books this year. My Goodreads page is here: in case you are interested.

So here's my goals for 2023. They're a little more subdued than my 2022 goals.
1. 28mm Samurai - I want to get at least 10 base done this year. I might make this my main paint focus of the year. I need to wrap this up this decade.
2. 28mm Republican Romans - I'd like to get 5 bases done.
3. 28mm Sci-fi - I'd like to finish off ALL my 28mm sci-fi stuff. I don't have a ton but I'd like to get it all done.
4. 15mm Ancients/Medievals - I'd like to finish off the Ancients (very little left for this) and get at least 10 bases of of the Medievals.
5. Terrain - I've got a bunch of terrain pieces not started or half done. I need to finish all this stuff.
6. Get Rid of Shit - I'm going to do another boardgame sell off, maybe in the spring. And I still have a small pile of unassembled figs to get rid of. 

A fairly lofty set of goals, not as much as 2022 but still a fair bit. Hopefully I can stay focused, but we shall see. Have a good year everyone.

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