Sunday, August 22, 2010

Even More Tomb Kings

Tonight I finished my latest batch of Tomb Kings. This is 18 skellie archers and 3 chariots. I have to say, I hate painting chariots. They're just not fun to paint.

Next up is an assorted batch of TK units including some more light cavalry, some Ushabti, a Tomb Scorpion and a couple characters.

Also this weekend I had some friends over for a couple games of Arkham Horror. We lost the first one and won the second one. That brings us to 2 victories out of 5 games. Whenever I have my next boardgame night, I'd like to try out Antike from Rio Grande Games.


  1. Nice. The skeletal bowman second from the left seems to be whispering something catty to his neighbor. "Man, check out Joey's ragged loin clothe--it's so Old Kingdom. I'd never wear that. But I hear his mom was actually Minoan... you know how they are."

  2. Scott, you may hate painting chariots, but they turned out great! More bowmen to shoot up Bretonnians was well. Cool.