Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TK Cavalry

Tonight I finished a large batch of 18 Tomb King heavy cavalry.

Not sure what I'm going to paint next, maybe some more Ushabti or some infantry, haven't decided.

Also on Tuesday I've got a 2500 point game against Dave's Empire army, so I'm expecting to face a rather nasty gunline, but we'll see, and it'll give us a chance to give 8th edition a good runthrough with bigger armies than last time.

And I see I've cracked 300 painted minis this year, I'll have to try and get up to 400 by years end, which shouldn't be a problem, now 500 on the other hand...


  1. Nice job. Those WAB units are big! That is a lot of painting to get done!

  2. Firing line indeed. A vignette:

    "Ready lads, aim, FIRE!"

    [rolls arty dice, fingers crossed]


  3. Depends if Mark is rolling or not I guess.

    Skellies are dead easy (pun totally intended) to paint. Prime, drybrush, couple details - done! All but the two command groups only had a shield and spear, no armour, armbands, bracelets etc.

  4. Well stop being so lazy then and really crank some units out!

  5. I think I'm going to paint up my remaining 7 Ushabti next. That will leave me with 18 skellie warriors, a character, 2 Tomb Guard, 4 unassembled Carrion and 6 chariots left.

  6. Do you need any more chariots? I have two I won't be using. Built, primered whited and ready to go.

  7. I'll pass on the chariots. I've got more than I'll ever use. Thanks for the offer though.