Sunday, September 26, 2010

TK Ushabti

Finished my last group of 7 Ushabti yesterday.

Going to take a bit of a break from painting Tomb Kings. I'm going to go back and paint some Impetus bases. First up is a couple bases of Phalangites. After that I think I'm going to do up 5 bases of FL Galatians which will probably take me a number of weeks to do them.


  1. Those are great, looks like a tough unit. An expensive unit too right? I have 4 kroxigors and I can't bring myself to drop $22.50 each to bring it up to 6 so I can have a second rank.

  2. I've had these for a couple years and IIRC I won a number of them on Ebay so I didn't get too hammered by the high price. I heard the rumour that when the new TK book does come out, that plastic Ushabti will be released also. Although knowing GW, they won't be cheap either!

  3. No, probably not, but cheaper than single models. I wish kroxigor were sold three to a box for 45 rather than 22.50 each!